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I understand that my niece, Linda Schmeiler, is scheduled for sentencing on March 11. I have known Linda since birth.

During all this time I have known her to be honest, trustworthy and a hardworking mother. She sacrificed a lot to send her children to good schools. Due to the efforts of Linda and her husband, the children have excelled in school and have been accepted to good colleges.

Linda had a lot of tragedy in her youth. Her father was murdered at Fort Carson, Colo., working as a taxi driver, thus leaving her and her mother to face numerous hardships in their lives. Linda did not have much family support and guidance growing up, but she never got into trouble and instead became a self-sufficient individual. She is not a criminal.

In view of all that, I request you to consider giving her a chance to rectify any errors on her part by being lenient at sentencing time. She does not deserve or warrant prison.

Yours sincerely,
Howard Aronson


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing regarding my neighbor Mrs. Linda Schmeiler. I am a software engineer working for a DoD company in Colorado Springs. I have known Linda Schmeiler since I moved into my house almost five years ago. Since moving in I have spent considerable time with her and her family and have developed a close personal friendship with her and her family.

Over the years I have always known her to be loyal, honest, and exhibited integrity during interactions with me and interactions I have witnessed with others. She is supportive and a great friend. She is respectful of my religion as an Evangelical Christian as I am of her Jewish faith. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and always has since an early age from the stories she has told me. She has taught these values to her children. She is hardworking and disciplined. She understands the value of hard work as well as sacrifices in order to reap the fruit of her efforts. She understands the concept of delayed gratification. All of which has been taught to her children. For example, she has sacrificed much for her children placing them in a private school since the start of their education at a time at which Linda and her husband could not afford it. Through scholarship opportunities and difficult sacrifices they were able to do it. From my exposure to Levi and Leah’s school’s curriculum and education activities over the past years I personally believe it is by far the best education in Colorado Springs. She did this because of the value she placed on education and knew that her sacrifices would be rewarded.

As a testament to Linda’s character you need only look to her two children, twins, Levi and Leah. Her children have excelled in school both academically and in their extra-curricular activities. They were taught that hard work pays off. Both children repeatedly made Honor Roll throughout high school, were awarded multiple character awards and academic scholarships and were accepted to exceptional universities to pursue their dreams and goals. Her children have been instilled with the same values, morals, and respect for authority as their mother. I have been personally amazed at the maturity level and respect exhibited by both her children with my personal interactions with them as well as with observing them with others.

I have always known Linda Schmeiler to be a loving mother, wife, and friend. I am writing this letter in hopes that the reader will get a true glimpse of who Linda Schmeiler is from a person who has spent significant time with her over the last five years.

AR Rance


To Whom it May Concern:

We are writing this letter in regards to Linda Schmeiler.

I have been a police officer for 26 years for the City of Colorado Sprmgs. My wife~ Diane, has worked for the same electronics firm for over forty years. We are both long time Colorado Springs residents. 

We have known Linda Schmeiler for many years, and have always known her to be an honest and good person. There has never been an instance where Linda, her husband Joe, or either of her two children have ever given us the impression of being anything but a hard working, honest family.

Probably the greatest testament to Linda and Joe’s conduct and standing are their two children. Through Leah and Levi’::; entire upbringing, we have always experienced these two children to be respectful and trustworthy. They have grown into genuinely good, solid young adults.  We stand witness to Linda and Joe’s endeavor to raise their children to do their best, to acknowledge their God, and becom.e respectable citizens. 

We ask for the courts leniency when considering this matter. 

Joe and Diane Bonomo


Honorable Robert E. Blackburn
Judge, U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado Alfred A. Arraj United states Courthouse A1041
901 19th Street
Denver, Colorado 80294-3589

Re: United states v. Linda Abramson-Schmeiler Case No. 09-CR-00359-REB

Dear Judge Blackburn:
I am a paternal uncle of Linda Abramson-Schmeiler and I am writing this letter for your consideration in deciding her sentence as a result of her conviction in the above-
captioned matter.

I wish to apprise you of the following:

1. My niece is the only child of my brother Hilton, who was a career Air Force man, and his wife Lillian. She  grew up in an unstable household.

2. After he retired from the Air Force, my brother remained in Colorado and drove a taxi to provide income, in addition to his Air Force pension. On July I, 1975, he was robbed and murdered by one of his fares. Despite an intensive railitary police and FBI investigation (the murder took place on the grounds of Fort Carson), the murder \vas never solved. My niece was 16 years old, at the time, and due to her mother’s fragile state of mind, from then on basically had to fend for herself.

3. She became a hairdresser and established a hairdressing business that she operated out of her own home. In this endeavor, she has shown initiative and
business acumen.

4. She married Joe Schmeiler, a member of the Colorado Springs Police Force, and they had~ twin children, Levi and Leah, who are now students at the Wharton School and Bates College, respectively.

5. Linda had had no immediate family support since her mother passed away many years ago. My one other brother and I are her only living paternal relatives. I am 91 years old and my other brother is 87 years old.

6. Over the past years, I have tried to maintain a close relationship with Linda and her family.

7. I understand that Linda has been convicted of a tax-related crime and notwithstanding that, I feel that Linda has a good character, has been a good parent and wife, and has never previously been involved in any criminal activity.

8. From what I understand, a principal prosecution witness at Linda’s trial was her husband’s stepmother. The fact that my niece, who is Jewish, and her husband, who is not Jewish, both decided to raise their children as Jews, was apparently problematic for Linda’s husband’s stepmother who would frequently ridicule them. The nasty nature of this ridicule, despite numerous requests to stop, eventually caused Linda’s husband to break off relations ‘dith his stepmother and father, and has led him to consider adopting his wife’s last name, instead of his own.

9. I am writing to ask you to consider extending Linda as much leniency as you can in imposing sentence. Despite her conviction, I believe she has made positive
contributions to society and will continue to do so in the future.

Respectfully submitted,
Bernard Abramson


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